Saturday, March 16, 2019

Josh Rainha: Classic Worship Leader

           I am happy to announce that I have asked Josh Rainha to be the worship leader for the 9:30 service beginning March 17 through the end of May of this year.  During the months of January and February we had various talented individuals who led the 9:30 worship service while we prayed and sought God's direction.  I believe Rainha is the right worship leader for this season in our classic service.

          Josh has been a member of Calvary for 8 years and has come through our student ministry.  He graduated from Nikki Rowe high school in 2016 and is now a senior at UTRGV.  As a university student Josh has served through the Baptist Student Ministry in various ways including leading worship.  Josh has surrendered to God's call on his life for vocational ministry and is currently a pastoral ministry intern at Calvary.

          In Calvary Josh has led worship in our student Remedy service on Wednesdays.  He has led the 9:30 service on occasion.  He has sung with the choir for Christmas programs.  He also was a part of the choir in his high school.

          I am thankful for Josh, who is a disciple-maker, a Christ-like servant, and a talented worship leader.  He will lead the 9:30 service with the support of Chuck Olson, as choir director, and Dan Cather, as orchestra coordinator.

          Please welcome Josh to this role and let him know about your prayerful support.