Monday, November 16, 2015

Personnel Committee's Recommendation

     As you may already know, our church will meet in Conference this Sunday, November 22nd in order to take action on several very important matters.  Click here to see more details about it.  After supper the agenda will include finance reports, deacon elections, election of officers and committees, consideration of the 2016 church budget, the licensing of two individuals to the gospel ministry, and a recommendation from the personnel committee.  You should have received already in the mail information about the deacons being nominated and a copy of the proposed 2016 budget.  (You can also see those at the bottom of this blog post).  Later this week we will upload to our webpage the agenda and book of reports for your reference.  (We encourage you to print it at home or to load it to your tablet before coming to the meeting).

     The recommendation from the personnel committee is in regard to the position of Pastor for Administration and ABFs.  Approximately a year ago, in consultation with the personnel committee, the position of Pastor for Administration and Worship was created.  I hired Paulo Gatan to fill this position on an interim basis.  (You may refer to my October 13, 2014 blog post by clicking here).   By February of this year, the position combination was changed to Pastor for Administration and ABFs.  (You may refer to that change by reading my February 7, 2015 blog post here).  The personnel committee and I believe it is time for the church to take action in calling someone to this position on a permanent basis rather than on an interim basis.

     The personnel committee, thus, will recommend to Calvary that, as per our Constitution and Bylaws, a search committee be elected in order to recommend to the congregation the person who should fill this position on a permanent basis.  Additionally, considering the great work that Paulo Gatan has performed as an Interim, the personnel committee will recommend that Paulo Gatan be considered as a primary candidate for that position.

     Article II, II, 2 of our Constitution and Bylaws stipulates that such a committee consist of five (5) members; that each member of the committee shall have been a member of the church for at least one (1) year at the time the committee is formed; that employees of the church and their immediate families shall not be eligible to serve on the committee; that the committee consist of no fewer than two (2) men and no fewer than two (2) women; that the men and women receiving the highest number of votes shall constitute the Search Committee; and that election shall be by secret ballot.

     Please pray for the selection of this important committee, consider if there is an individual you would like to nominate to this committee, and who you would vote for.  Nominations will be received from the floor on Sunday night and ballots will be distributed for the election.  Please come prepared accordingly.

     For your reference, below you will find the information on the deacons that the Deacon Screening and Nominating Committee will nominate and the Proposed 2016 Budget from the Stewardship Committee.