Thursday, October 8, 2020

Deacons and Disciple-Making

     I invite you to listen to my conversation with Ruben Rojas, chairman of deacons at Calvary.  We discuss how the deacon ministry, an important biblical role in the local church, relates to our purpose.  We exist to make disciple-makers for the glory of God among the nations.  How does this purpose and the deacon ministry relate?

     I share this information with you because in this season we need to (1) pray for our deacons (2) nominate deacons to serve in the active deacon body (3) consider whether God is calling you to serve in this role at Calvary.

Role of Deacons at Calvary

     At Calvary we have summarized the role of deacons with four words that begin with the letter "S:" Serve, Support, Shepherd and Succession.
  1. SERVICE (Acts 6:1-7) 
  2. SUPPORT (Philippians 1:1) 
  3. SHEPHERDING (Acts 20:28) 
  4. SUCCESSION (2 Timothy 2:2) 
1.  SERVICE  (Acts 6:1-7)
  • Lead by example as a servant-leader 
  • Serve the Lord according to spiritual gifts and talents in various areas of church life
  • Assist in worship with Lord’s Supper, ushering and praying with congregants 
2.  SUPPORT (Philippians 1:1)
  • Support the pastoral leadership in prayer, word and action 
  • Support the mission and vision of CBC in prayer, time, service and finances
  • Support the deacon ministry of the church 
3. SHEPHERDING (Acts 20:28)
  • Shepherd your own family well (1 Timothy 3:4)
  • Pray for, visit and care regularly for the elderly, widowed, hospitalized, etc.
  • Attend deacons meetings in order to report, encourage and discuss ministry
  • Offer spiritual advice to members, deacons and pastors 
4. SUCCESSION (2 Timothy 2:2)
  • Be a disciple-maker 
  • Mentor potential deacons and new deacons 
  • Coach volunteers and leaders in your area of service 
  • Participate in training in order to be trained and to train others

Current Active Deacon Body

     Our current active deacon body consists of the following men.  Please pray for them.  (You do not need to nominate any of these this year since they are already active deacons).

     Rotating off December 31, 2020
     Brent McBain   Ezequiel Cuellar     Cenobio Rodriguez
     José Pedro Guajardo   Yuri Eli Domínguez
     Rotating off December 31, 2021
     Ruben Rojas David McDaniel    Edgardo Figueroa
     Joe Averill         Manuel Jones            Joel Salinger
     Isaac Vasquez Javier Gonzalez    Jose Luis Jimenez
     Hugo Gonzalez

     Rotating off December 31, 2022
     Alan Oakley David Courtney    Marno Sienes
     Cipriano Baez Daniel Robledo    Marty Moore

Deacon Nominating Process

     Any member of Calvary can nominate a qualified individual either electronically or in hard copy.  You may do so and get more information on our website or by clicking on this link: Deacon Nominations.

     Once the nominations are received the Deacon Screening and Nominating Committee will review the nominees, will screen them and present those found to be qualified to the congregation for vote at the Church in Conference on November 15.

     The Deacon Screening & Nominating Committee consists of Brent McBain (chair), Sylvia Riddle, Berenice Gordillo, Herminia Colegio, Evelyn Kizzia, Tom Centrella, Daniel de Leon, Wayne Williams and Josh Watkins.

    Please pray for our deacons, pray for the nomination process, submit your nominations and consider serving in this important ministry!

     Let's continue to make disciple-makers for the glory of God among the nations!


  1. I received this email. I believe that I was nominated for the deacon position. Please let me know what is the next step that I need to make. Thank you.

    1. Thanks for your reply and your interest. Please email to request a questionnaire. (Let her know if you have previously served as a deacon at Calvary or not in order to have the right questionnaire sent to you). Thanks and blessings!