Friday, April 12, 2019

Benjamin Aguirre Concludes Time at CBC

     It is with mixed feelings that I announce Pastor Benjamin Aguirre’s resignation from his Associate Pastor for Spanish Language Ministries role here at Calvary.

     Pastor Benjamin has been a blessing to my life, to the pastoral staff team and to the ministry of Calvary Baptist Church for about ten years.  He has served as a called pastor for almost five years.  We are thankful to him for the contributions he made to the Spanish Language Ministry as well as to Calvary’s general ministry.  Benjamin has served with his musical talent, with his teaching gift, with a pastoral heart and with a unique sense of humor.  We are convinced that God brought Pastor Benjamin and his family to Calvary to use them as instruments of blessing.

     For some time now, Benjamin has struggled with his physical and emotional health and he believes the best thing for him at this time is to step down from his position here at Calvary.  He is seeking the Lord’s direction for this season of his life as he focuses on his personal health and on his family.  He, Pastor Rolando and I have had extensive conversations about this and have prayed together with him and for him.

     In order to accomplish this objective, Benjamin will no longer be attending Calvary.  Neither is he accepting a pastoral assignment from another congregation.  His focus will be on providing for and serving his family and recovering his physical and emotional health for now.  We understand this to be a passing season in his life and we are committed to pray for him and his family.

     Benjamin is not leaving the ministry since when God called him he called him for life.  Stepping down from a church job does not mean one is leaving the ministry.  We are called by a God whose mission is bigger than one church or than one job.

     Pastor Benjamin’s last day of employment will be May 15. On Sunday, April 14, we will make an announcement about this in our worship services and will pray for him in the 12:30 PM service for the next season of his ministry.

     We will certainly miss Benjamin around.  We love him and his family.  We are grateful for his life and his contribution to the ministry at Calvary.  We trust God will bless him accordingly.  We are confident that God is leading him into his perfect purpose.  Please join me in praying for him and for his family.

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