Thursday, April 2, 2020

Calvary Finances in COVID-19 Times

     These COVID-19 era has hit the country's and the world's economy very hard!  Many businesses have closed their doors.  Restaurants have reinvented themselves for carry out and delivery.  Others have lost their jobs and some have lost significant income.  Churches have been hit hard during this time as well!  Calvary is no exception!

     While we are fully confident that God is in control and that He will guide us during this difficult time, we believe it is important for each person in the Calvary family to know where we stand.  As an informed church family we can be moved to action and to pray.


     While some of our expenses have been reduced during this shelter-at-home time, most of our budget is still required to continue at the current level.     

     During this time that we are doing church from home there are many expenses that have stopped or been reduced.  For example our energy usage in the building has been significantly reduced.  Our childcare cost as well as our food service cost has stopped.  We have a vacant staff position that has not been filled.  These and other similar expenses that constitute only a small percentage of our overall budget.

     On the other side, we have several missionaries around the world that we support.  As you know this COVID-19 situation is global and has affected many of our missionaries and their families.  Our missions contribution is a percentage of our income.  The less than comes in the less we are able to send, and vice-versa. 

     We also have a pastoral staff team of five (significantly smaller than previous years), several associates, and several full-time and part-time ministry assistants who are all working hard from home to serve a congregation of over 1,500 people.  The staff is working hard to continue the worship, preaching and teaching ministry, to keep our congregation informed via website, social media and enews, to equip and encourage our various leaders as they minister to their respective groups, to check on individual members, to support parents in discipling their kids, to minister to students, and to find ways to meet the needs of people during this time, with all the administrative support this requires.  You can read more about what is going on here.

     We are mobilizing to take care packages and food to families and vulnerable senior adults who are experiencing food insecurity.  We are providing information and resources to people in our congregation.  We are planning to have a larger-than-usual Bread of Life market this coming April 11, and we are diligently seeking ways in which we will meet the needs of our people and our community during this crisis.

     Of course, beyond missionaries and staff there are other costs that continue to be incurred even when we don't meet in our building.

     In brief, we still require most of our budget to keep functioning at this level.


     The last three Sundays our offerings have consisted of an average of approximately $17,800.  Our weekly budget consists of $32,301.  In other words we are only receiving about 55% of our budget during this coronavirus time.  To date we are $50,532 in giving under budget.

     As you can imagine, we cannot sustain this level of income for too much longer.

     Our missions giving is a percentage of income.  If giving does not go up significantly soon, we will have to contact missionaries to let them know their support will have be reduced significantly.

     Additionally, if giving does not increase soon, we will have to make very difficult decisions regarding staff very soon.  We don't want to have to do that but we may need to do so.

     We trust God and we believe He can provide abundantly for his people and through His people.  We also know He has a perfect plan and that He will give us the wisdom to discern and follow His leadership.

     Calvary is God's church and it will survive this time.  It will thrive and it will be used by God.  We are learning to depend on God more.  We are ready for Him to teach us and mold us.  And we are eagerly awaiting to see how Calvary will be different after this time of refining.

What to do:

     So what do you and me do with this information?
  1. Let us be thankful!  First of all, we want to thank God for all those of you who have continued to be faithful with your giving and your generosity.  Although our giving is down we are thankful for what we have received.  It has allowed us to keep our staff, support our missionaries, pay our bills and continue the ministry until today!  So thank you!
  2. Continue giving.  If you have been giving please continue.  If you had been a regular contributor until all this hit us but had not had the opportunity to give, please take the time to do so.
  3. Consider a special gift or start giving if you haven't.  If you are able to make a special contribution to ensure our ministry continues, please prayerfully consider doing so.  If you are not a regular contributor through Calvary's ministry would you consider doing so now as an act of faith?
  4. Share with us your need.  Perhaps you've lost employment or income.  Would you share with us your need so that we can pray for you and find ways to support you during this difficult time?
  5. Pray.  Pray that God would provide all of the needs for each of our members and families.  Pray that God would provide for His ministry through Calvary.  Pray that we would be a generous people as a church with our time, service and finances.  Pray that God would give us wisdom to be good managers during these unprecedented times.  Pray that his name would be glorified.

     During this shelter-in-place time you may give in one of the following ways:
    1. Mail your check to 1600 Harvey St., McAllen 78501
    2. Call the church office to make arrangements to deliver it in person
    3. Give online (web, app or text)
     If you have any questions regarding our current financial situation please feel free to contact one of the following people:
  1. Julio Guarneri, Lead Pastor:
  2. Paulo Gatan, Pastor for Administration and ABFs:
  3. Gene Vaughan, Chairman of Stewardship Committee:
  4. Mark Southwell, Chairman of Personnel Committee:

     We are learning to rely on God and we know He remains faithful.  Thank you for your participation in the Calvary family.  Let us know how we can serve you during this time.

2 Corinthians 9:6-11

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