Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Calvary in Homes through April

     We are now in our second week of doing church from our homes.  Although these are challenging days God is at work in our congregation.  We continue making disciple-makers!  

     Given the numbers and projections of confirmed COVID-19 cases and deaths in the RGV and the rest of the country, Calvary McAllen's pastoral staff along with the coordinating council have decided to continue to comply with recommendations from government and health officials.

Church from Home Extended through the rest of April

     Therefore, we will continue to do church from home for the rest of the month of April.  We initially had hoped that we might be back on campus by this Sunday (Palm Sunday) or perhaps even by Easter Sunday (April 12).  But, as much, as we would like that, it would be negligent to do so.  For the sake of our people, for the sake of helping to slow down the spread of the virus, for the sake of our community, and for the sake of our hospitals and healthcare workers, we will do our work and ministry away from the church campus.  We encourage all Calvary people to #stayhome.  We believe in the sanctity of human life and this is a very concrete way to save lives.

How to Contact Us:

     Most of our staff is working from home and is available via email.  Click here to see a list of our staff and their respective email addresses (  When you call our office number (956-686-4364) the call is forwarded to Anna Ruggles, our receptionist, and she can also help you connect with the staff member you need to contact.

How to Connect with what is going on during the week:

The Whole Family:
     We will continue to live stream our Sunday services as follows:

     On Wednesdays we live stream our Student Remedy service at 6:30 PM:

Parents & Kids:
        We understand that during this time when parents have their children at home 24/7 dealing with school work, daily routines and lots of energy bottled up inside those little bodies, it can be stressful.  We want you to know we are here walking alongside you.  We want to provide you resources, guidance and support as you disciple your children and as you find constructive ways to direct their energy and attention.  For example, we have provided a Facebook page for parents of children:

Calvary's Online Resource Library: RightNow Media
     Additionally, as one of Calvary's participants, you have access to a vast library of online resources for adults, students, couples, parents and children.  Most of these are video series or interactive videos for children.  Watch a brief video here to get an idea of what this is.  Click here to register for your complimentary subscription to RightNow Media.

Various Groups and Classes:
     Various groups and classes are connecting with each other via a variety of media.  ABFs, home fellowships, EQUIP classes, WIT groups, huddles and ICC classes are using zoom, Google meet, WhatsApp, Facebook and group texts to stay connected, pray for each other, encourage each other, and in some cases to minister to others.  If you haven't already, we encourage you to reach out to your group leader and find out how to connect.  If you're not connected to any group contact us and we will find a way to connect you.  Visit our webpage to learn more about this: Get Plugged In! or email Pastor Chad:

     As you know, Calvary's ministry continues.  We support missionaries globally, we have staff locally and we have ongoing expenses.  Although we are not meeting in our building the ministry continues and it takes money to do so!

     Over the last three Sundays our offerings have been very low and, unless giving increases soon, we will have to make some difficult decisions.  Read more about our financial situation during this time here.

     During these shelter-at-home times, we can give in one of the following ways:
  1. Mail your check to 1600 Harvey St. McAllen 78501
  2. Call our church office to make arrangements to deliver your donation in person
  3. Give online (web, app or text)
     You can learn how to set up your giving on line here.

     As you can see Calvary is on the move!  We want every individual and every family to thrive as we seek God daily, connect in worship weekly, build community through our groups frequently, and meet needs in Christ's name.

     We are facing social distancing with spiritual proximity!

     Calvary has an opportunity to reset (realign) our ministry during this crisis here.

     We trust God is in control and we call ourselves to a deeper life of prayer and seeking His face.  May God grant healing, power and wisdom during these trying times!

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