Thursday, May 16, 2019

Israel 2020 with Pastor Julio & Monica

     Have you ever wanted to visit the place where Jesus lived, taught and ministered?  Have you ever wanted to see the sights where most of our Bible stories took place?  You can have the opportunity to visit Israel in October of 2020 with us!

     We will have an informational meeting about this opportunity on Thursday, May 30 at 7:00 PM in our church parlor.  Come and learn more!

     Monica and I have dreamt of visiting the Holy Land and God has opened up an opportunity for us to do so next year.  We would like to take a group of people from our church (Calvary).  We have already had 15 people who have signed up and we still have room for about 25 more.

     Olson Tours has agreed to take care of all the logistics for the trip.  They have extensive experience in Israel tours and have arranged a 10-day tour with a professional guide which will include visiting Jerusalem, the Western Wall, the sea of Galilee, the Dead Sea, the river Jordan, Jericho, Masada, the Mount of Olives, Bethlehem, and many other places.

     The dates for the trip are October 12-22, 2020.  The itinerary and registration document can be found here: Itinerary and Registration.

     This trip is not a heavy teaching trip.  There will not be conferences or daily services.  The primary objective of the trip is to visit the sights we read about in the Scriptures so that it adds depth to our understanding and experience.  There will be opportunities to celebrate the Lord's Supper, to be baptized in the Jordan, to have devotionals and debriefing times.

     Don't forget to attend our informational meeting on Thursday, May 30 at 7:00 PM in the church parlor so you can learn more about this trip opportunity.

Note: No Calvary budget or designated funds will be used for this trip.  No money will be handled through the Calvary church office.  Registration and payments will be made only through Olson Tours.  If you want more information about costs and other details contact them: 956-664-2916